What If You Could Look Younger Naturally?

     Journey To Healing  Journey Of Hope and Healing

I don’t want this pain to continue, I don’t want the head on my shoulders anymore… I muse, as I lie in bed with a horrible migraine and no one there to comfort me or help me understand why I suffer. I get signed off by my doctor as a healthy young woman; nothing is wrong with me so I must have been making all this up. I ponder how I wanted to give up on life to free myself from this excruciating pain. I was 17 then, and after spending the whole summer in the darkest, quietest room, I made the decision that defined my future path towards hope and healing. I asked myself these simple yet very difficult questions: How do I end the suffering? Do I stay or do I go?

It would have been so much easier to give up, but in that moment a beam of light pierced through my mind and my soul and unequivocally helped me to declare a war on pain and suffering. Since medicine could not do anything to help me and almost made me believe I was pretending to be sick, I said to myself I am taking this into my own hands. I will find a way. I need to free myself from the chains of pain, and when I do I will help all others who are suffering.

Everything changed the instant I made that promise to myself. Even though it took me many years to understand and then cure my own migraines, I believe through this experience I was called to fulfill my purpose and help others who are struggling with either emotional or physical pain.

For the past 30 years I’ve been practicing holistic methods of healing, which helped me to understand the mechanisms that control our psyche. I now believe that stress is the worst offender causing all sorts of diseases, skin aging, and unhappiness all over the world.

I’ve been helping people to heal naturally since 1996. I first became a licensed massage therapist and later an esthetician, and I dedicated my life to working with women to help them battle the decline of inner and outer beauty. I am on a mission to empower women and show them that outer beauty is innately connected to inner beauty. Stress and emotional pain cause women to become unhappy and withdrawn, and as a result they look and feel older.


Why did I lose my zest for life? Would I be happy if I just looked a little younger?

Most women decide to stop smiling and reduce eye contact because they don’t like their appearance. In the long run that causes everyone around them to be unhappy, and that is not the energy we need in today’s world. You are the solution to your loved ones’ problems and if you lack the luster and drive to help them, everyone loses. Let’s help the planet, which begins with your immediate world, by only transmitting good vibrations.

Here is my solution: Exercise your eyes and your lips. Start making eye contact and pay attention to what others are saying. You’ll smile more and look better and appear more confident in the process. The drooping of the corners of your mouth is directly related to lack of smiling. Find something to laugh about and repeat it as often as you can, even if you have to make it up.

Would I really feel better if I looked younger?

Most admit they feel old and have lost control over the way they look. I agree we need to come face-to-face with aging; however, according to scientists, our physical appearance has very little to do with our DNA.

Scientists studied heredity versus lifestyle and found that genetics play a very small part in our appearance, just about 30%, and the remaining 70% is linked to the lifestyle and the environment we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. And that means we have control over the way we look. So stop blaming Mother Nature for the way you look and begin to look at life from a different lens.

Would people pay more attention to me if I looked younger?

The answer is unequivocally yes! Your social life is directly proportional to your mood. You don’t really want to go out when you don’t look or feel good, do you?

Research shows that when you make eye contact with people you are talking to, they tend to remember more of what you say. And that can make you more successful because you sound more confident. This can translate to a lot more connections, sales, and money in your professional life. People gravitate toward people who are positive.

Is there an elixir of youth that can really work?

Recent polls show that 1 out of 5 baby boomers either have had something done to enhance their appearance or will in the very near future. No one wants to look their age anymore.

Cosmetic companies that put out the celebrity-endorsed products use those statistics in their marketing strategies. You might already be part of their campaign strategy. How many creams and potions have you gotten from those infomercials? How did they work for you?

The truth is no cream can help you look younger. Creams are designed to be used as a tool to maintain the health of your skin. To truly maintain a younger appearance, your facial muscles must be energized, and only you can help to stimulate them. Begin living with more passion, and live as if every day were your last day on this planet. Give it your all. Enjoy all. Continue to be a giver, but you must learn how to receive.

Mastering the ability to receive is difficult for most women, including me. We need to learn to accept gifts and accept love and attention. And that calls up a profound lesson I learned from a client who I enjoyed helping for almost two years. She was in college at the time and was on a heavy dose of medication to curb her migraines. I worked with her for 6 months, and she was able to ask the doctor to drop the dose of her meds. Another 6 months and we got it down to bare minimum. Her migraines had been caused by stress, just like mine. I completely understood what she was experiencing, having gone through that myself in the past. I had to find a way to help her and teach her how to overcome her pain. I taught her to dig deep into her soul for answers that might be holding her back from relaxing her brain. I helped her to be more confident and showed her methods of breathing to reset the nervous system when most needed. One day she came into my office with a big box and attempted to give it to me as a thank-you. I immediately said No, I can’t accept gifts, thank you. Of course that was not something she wanted to hear. She decided to stay and talk with me and used the same format I taught her to follow in her life.

She said, It is selfish to give and not to receive. All this time I was asking for help and you were there for me, unconditionally. You did this from your heart because it made you happy to offer your time and your wisdom so that I can live a normal life. And now it’s my turn, I want to be happy by giving you a token of my appreciation. I want to give you this from my heart. And that is the least I can do, having graduated from college as an honor student, and moving on to the next stage of my life knowing everything I need to know about my migraines and how to control the pain.

So yes, I certainly did not want to be selfish, and I accepted her gift with a smile. This marked my incredible transformation from being a giver to allowing myself to receive. Now I hope to help others understand this phenomenon and open up their souls to receiving more love, attention, and the marvelous gifts of the world.

Beauty On Command Method

Beauty and great looks can be a blessing. You may be rewarded with more opportunities in life, make more money, and have more confidence as a result of physical attractiveness. On the other hand it can be a curse, pushing people to go to extremes and develop unhealthy obsessions such as eating disorders or dangerous plastic surgeries.

Since the beginning of time we have known that each cell in our bodies, except for brain cells, has a finite life span. Our body has the wisdom to completely rebuild itself every 7 years. And that means we get to enjoy total body transformation, and we get to choose our future look on our terms.

The intention behind the creation of the Beauty On Command Method was to help those who are searching for solutions to help themselves—those who are willing to play an active role in the process of renewing and reversing skin aging. Beauty On Command stimulates the circulation in the skin and the muscles of the face and supplies energy to the new cells, thus keeping the skin strong and vibrant. It gives women another choice when it comes to face lifting.This completely safe and natural solution is for those who love and respect their body and are not willing to injure it on the quest to looking years younger.

I believe that the first step to looking younger is stress reduction. As a wellness professional I recommend my clients practice daily meditation. Stress has the ability to damage and destroy our cells in a matter of days, making the skin look sallow and expressionless. I regularly get a similar type of client in my clinic: one who declares she looks bad but doesn’t realize she is responsible for that. She holds her breath and forgets that oxygen is life. After just 60 minutes spent with me using the techniques the Beauty On Command Method delivers, her face transforms as if the ‘veil’ was lifted off her face. I believe relaxation is the key to good health and good looks.

The Beauty On Command Method came to me during the beginning of my professional life in 2003 when I owned a full-scale spa. I saw many clients who came to experience our body scrubs, massages, zero-gravity relaxation treatments, as well as facials.

What fascinated me was seeing how the faces transformed after each one of these treatments. I wanted to research that and record what I saw. After 6 months I came to a conclusion: The more prepared a person is before a treatment, the better he or she looks and feels after. This internal study answered the one question everyone asks: How do I relax on my own? I can’t seem to stop my brain.

At that time, color therapy was just coming to the market, and I brought color therapy into my spa with the intention of helping clients relax. It was extremely pleasant to sit in the room as it flooded with lights slowly moving in and out to show the whole spectrum of colors of the rainbow. Eventually, though, I realized that was nice but not enough. I then added meditative music as a background and that did exactly what I had hoped for. Exposure to the color and meditative music allowed me to take clients to a place where they became ‘free.’

That is how the concept of Beauty On Command was created. I realized we can look and feel beautiful whenever we want to and wherever we want to. It is all in our control. And with that knowledge, I am ready to teach others how to apply this concept to their own lives.

Today a lot people live on autopilot: they get to work without knowing how they got there, and they follow the daily routine without paying any attention to details. This mere fact of not being in the present moment deprives people of the peace and happiness they deserve. I believe there are many ways that anyone can learn how to become more balanced. The first and most important way is to clear the mind and get rid of the thoughts that weigh you down. Second is morning meditation and practicing daily gratitude by setting intentions for the day to come.

When you first wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and continue breathing deeply for 5 minutes before getting up—before your mind starts racing and gets you hurried and stressed out. Allow your mind to be on neutral.

May I be in peace today, May my family be in peace, May my adversaries be in peace.

Smile and go on and have a great day! Let’s change the energy of the world one person at a time.

The Beauty On Command Method offers help not only for your skin but for your mind and body and will teach you how to start living with purpose and gratitude.

My goal is to help 1 million women let Beauty On Command transform their life and make them look younger naturally. But I can’t do this alone. So this year, 2017, begins my journey reaching out to other skin-care professionals and spa owners with the Beauty On Command System so that they too can help and transform people’s lives.

I believe when women are cheerful and happy, everyone is uplifted. Our planet needs happy and vibrant energy, so I encourage you to become that magnetic being and expand the impact you make on this world by transforming yourself first.

I am now asking the universe and those who read this chapter to help me spread the word so that I can help more women look and feel younger again without the need for surgery and painful injections.

Be well, be happy and make a difference.