What If You Could Look Younger Naturally?

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Why Plant Based Skin Care Is Better?
Speranzi Facial Spa uses botanical skin care or plant based skin care contains natural ingredients that are easily assimilated through the skin. Thanks to google it is much easier to learn about the skin care and its ingredients. When purchasing skin care products make sure the first 5-8 ingredients listed on the label are those you recognize. Ideally water is the first on the list followed by herbs or natural oils, once you start seeing ingredients that ares long and hard to pronounce you can assume it’s a chemical that you don’t want on your skin.
Typically, better products are slightly more expensive due to purity of the ingredients. Over-the-counter skin care products are mass produced and therefore poor quality and very low efficacy. According to records from 1800s morphine was isolated from opium. This event marked the beginning of modern science and pharmacology. Eventually plants were replaced by synthetics to prolong the shelf life as well as make it less expensive. That idea gave birth to chemicals or fillers and that is now placed into the tubes of skin care and medicinal creams. Many of those  chemicals are toxic TOXIC INGREDIENTS they make the skin sensitive or cause cancer.
Nanotechnology is a field of science that allows natural ingredients be broken down into nanoparticles so that they can combine with liposomes to deliver the nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. Those skin care products are more expensive and well worth the investment over the low quality over-the-counter mass produced products found in the local pharmacy. However, the true power of the botanicals is in its pure form. Yolanda Russo, esthetician at Speranzi Facial Spa recommends home remedies and facial masks whipped right in your kitchen. She believes in natural ingredients and our ability to create a moisturizing facial mask from avocado, or detoxifying facial mask from papaya and honey. She recommends epsom salt baths to detoxify the body and relax the mind.  Find BOC botanical skin care products at Speranzi Facial Spa www.speranzi.com/estore
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