What If You Could Look Younger Naturally?

Don’t Blame The Hormones


Join us for fun afternoon and delicious refreshments. Meet our local accupunturist who is going to talk about the herbal remedies to help skin and  body stay healthy. Our favorite nutritionist who can answer any questions about seasonal allergies and its treatments. And meet reiki/psychic reader  find out about the energy or chi and what keeps us healthy and beautiful. We are going to have a hands on training on Home Care and Face Massage at home.

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APRIL 29th 12PM-3PM at Speranzi Facial Spa Caldwell NJ.

Many people associate hormonal fluctuations with teens and women but the truth is that people from all walks of life suffers the consequences of the hormonal roller coasters. But is it inevitable? Is there something you can do to help you body to stay in balance? Yes. There is a lot you can do and let’s begin with focusing on one organ that is responsible for the jumps. It’s the thyroid.

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system that utilizes iodine to produce, store and release into the bloodstream T3 and T4. These hormones regulate various bodily functions such as metabolism, circulation, nervous system and more. In effect the hormonal imbalance affect the body and in turn it effect the skin.

The fact is that the healthier your diet and your lifestyle the less breakouts and less stress you have.

Let’s talk about a balanced and a healthy diet and low sugar diet. From my experience the Mediterranean Diet is the smartest diet. You are not restricted and can eat the healthy fats but focus on low sugar intake. One of my friends nutritionists says: If the horses can eat grass and be strong and healthy why can’t we?

He proposes a raw food diet by the means of juicing kale and broccoli while adding a fresh fruit and water. Keep it simple he says, there is no need to make it creamy by adding all sorts of possible hormonal disruptors form dairy or sugar from juice concentrates. Make sure to add healthy fats into your diet. Not only it moisturizes the skin but it is a fuel that helps the body work efficiently.

The skin suffers the consequences of a poor diet rich in carbs. Glycation is a natural process in which the sugar from your bloodstream attaches to proteins forming harmful molecules responsible for premature aging. The collagen as you know is made of proteins, the body hormones depend on a normal insulin level. When the stress level raises too frequently it can evoke a cascade of events leading to high blood pressure in addition to acne and wrinkles. That is exactly what I mean by focusing on wellness during my consultation with a client who comes for a skin care consultation or a skin care treatment.

What about the sun exposure and skin aging? Too much sun and unprotected skin will age prematurely and as a result the skin becomes fragile, wrinkles form with visible skin sagging beginning with the jaw line and onto the neck. It’s been said that the longer we wear our skin  the more effects the environment has on it.  Apply your sunscreen!

As a skin care professional I am happy to say that we’ve came a long way from blaming the skin aging on our hormones and age to reversing the aging process naturally through phototherapy, peels, microdermabrasion and antioxidant rich skin care products. If you haven’t seen our plant based products yet, you can do that here