What If You Could Look Younger Naturally?

It’s Spring again but your skin may be crying winter blues. Now is the time to help the skin shed off the dry, patchy and dull looking skin and look glowing again.

Start using fruit acid based cleanser and moisturizer. You can find them in the form of AHA or glycolic cleanser. Moisturizer would depend on your skin type but it is best to look for those that contain shea butter, peptides and Vit A and Vit E among other ingredients. Hyaluronic acid moisturizer is absolutely my favorite as it hydrates the skin without the weight. It can be used during the day under the makeup.

Exfoliation is very important this season. The best treatment with the quickest results is microdermabrasion. Be cautious about the side effects of this treatment and even laser treatment during the summer months. The new skin is exposed to the poisonous rays on a deeper level causing sun damage. You can only look for those during the spring or late fall and winter.

Acid peels are gentler and they will not hurt the protective skin barrier therefore they can be done any time if you feel that your skin needs pic-me-up. GLycolic peels or AHA peels need to be done in series in order to remove dark spots but if you are looking for a quick refresher that is great choice.

As you turn 35 years old you need to begin to add extra skin care product to your routine– serums. Those come in variety of solutions and the prices are higher than those of the moisturizers simply because they serve a different an very important function of going deep under the skin. Peptide serums or Vit C serums for example stimulate the body to produce new collagen provided you are not buying it from the local pharmacy store. Those are not refined enough to make an impact on the skin.

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