What If You Could Look Younger Naturally?

Don’t assume all over the counter products might meet your needs. It’s easy to read the labels and find an acne skincare treatment but will they work? Many people choose the acne skin care product as a result of reading social media posts that are showing an attractive spokesperson for the product. That may not be a good strategy when trying to help your skin to stop breaking out. Products alone are not enough. You need to learn what causes your acne and target the causes not the symptoms. See your skin care professional trained in acne treatments and solutions.
You have tried most products and still breaking out. Why?
The answer is you need to know why you are breaking out. The skin needs to be analysed and you need to have a plan of action. There are many skin types and your skin might be very different from the skin of your friend or even the poster girl on the advertising page. You can’t really use the same products as they because it might work for 2 weeks but backfire on you soon after.

Let’s talk about the type of skin that experiences the most breakouts. Oily /Combination skin. What to do with the acne and oily skin?

People with type of skin are usually afflicted by more breakouts compared to normal/dry or sensitive skin.
Those with oily skin usually have large pores and blackheads because the skin is thicker and it has a hard time to breathe. By the mid day the T-zone shows shiny residue and that is because it begins to sweat. The only way to avoid this is to cleanse the skin thoroughly morning and night and exfoliate it daily with a gentle scrub, nothing too harsh. Moisturizer plays very important part in taming the skin’s oil overproduction.

What is the best moisturizer? In Spite of all of the advertising gimmicks about oil free be best for young skin that is incorrect. Oil free means the product is free of the healthy oils but it contains the synthetic oils such as paraffin, wax, glycerin and other names you can’t even pronounce. Choose water based botanical products and this is our hands down the best moisturizer for acne skin. It does not strip your skin of moisture but it does not clog it. It is water based and it has citrus base. It helps the skin to heal and brings it to balance.  No need for harsh products when healing acne. Your diet determines how often you break out. Avoid fried foods and sodas. Increase the water intake and eat your greens.

Zit Zapper Bar Skin Care 

Acne if not treated quickly comes with the formation of scars. And most people are frustrated with the scar issues just as they were with the breakouts.

The quickest solution to remove the acne scars safely and without any injury or downtime is microdermabrasion. Usually it takes 4-6 sessions of professionally delivered microdermabrasion to reduce the scars and the skin discoloration, clean the pores and bring oil balance to the skin.  Make sure to find a skin care provider that specializes in problem skin such as acne skin.

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As we age our skin structure changes and you can’t keep using the harsh products containing benzyl peroxide or strong salicylic acids because the skin is going to get injured. Start learning about home remedies and one that comes to mind is Apple Cider Vinegar which can be used on zits directly without overdrying the skin around it. Make sure to cleanse that skin before applying it to the skin with a cotton ball. Just hold it for 2min-5 min. Don’t rinse it off just cover it with a light moisturizer.