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Our Philosphy

After almost two decades of working with people to make them look and feel better I decided to change direction and incorporate education into facial treatments. Most of our clients want to feel empowered, they really want to know how to help their skin at home. Up until now, the only solution was another cream or lotion or a visit to a plastic surgeon. I want to change this paradigm by announcing Beauty On Command Educational Classes.

We Offer Natural Facelift and Glowing Skin at Speranzi Facial Spa.

Our Approach

Yolanda's vast knowledge and experience within the wellness arena allowed her to create a unique business model that focuses on each client individually. Every facial treatment offers a unique experience in that no two facials are the same. Clients love her attention to details and the immediate results.

Yolanda Russo is offering DIY classes based on her latest book "Re Train Your Face."

Why Us?

Most people understand the benefits of a good facial, increasingly they trully want to participate and be part of their beauty care. Knowing what to do for your skin at home is a first step to taking control over skin issues such as uneven skin, wrinkles and skin sagging. Those who choose to visits Speranzi Facial Spa are offered a guidance and clear tips on how to maintain their younger and glowing skin at home. In addition to DIY Face Massage you can learn about our plant based skincare line. Find it here. Educational Beauty Events in Verona